Design and Soundproofing.

Sontech has together with the designers Ulrika Mårtensson and Ulrika Elovsson created a decorative noiseabsorbing piece of art. Using the microperforated aluminiumsheet in anodized colours and fascinating shape we have managed to achieve astonishing absorption.

Sontech Noise Control
supplies the industry with
Acoustic Solutions and Materials
for various noise problems

Our competence extends from
idea and development work,
with development of new materials,
measurement, and sound analysis,
to recommendations for materials
and design.

Microperforated panels are
becoming a vital tool in the acoustician’s battle to reduce noise emissions. The basic
concept has now been expanded to cover more applications.

The world of microperforated panels
(MPP) for sound absorption has
started to occupy the thoughts of
acousticians over the past 10 years. For a
while, perforated metal panels with holes
in the 1-10mm range have been ......

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